Enjoy the Komodo Cruise


There are different types of holiday that one can take. One of the most popular holidays in the world is the cruise holiday. This is the holiday that people take when they board a cruise ship or boat to cruise along the sea for several days.

A popular cruise region is the country of Indonesia. It is made up of numerous islands and natural beautiful and diverse landscapes that are a huge tourist attraction. It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and a cruise to this part of the world will always be memorable.

Here are several reasons you should take a cruise along the Indian Ocean coastline in Indonesia.

It will be a cruise you will never forget

This cruise in Indonesia is unforgettable. It is unforgettable because it provides a learning lesson of the many unique aspects of life in this island country. Cruises along the Indian Ocean waters along within Indonesia is known as the Komodo cruise. This is because, in the course of this cruise, you will get an opportunity to have a firsthand experience with the largest lizard on earth, the Komodo Dragon.

The Komodo cruise takes you to the popular Komodo National Park where you will get to see the Komodo dragons.

Interact with marine life

In this cruise, you will get to see and interact with some of the most rare and beautiful fish species and marine life.

The manta rays and numerous fish species common to this part of the Indian Ocean are some of the marine life you will interact with. Beautiful coral reefs and clear and clean protected Ocean waters will provide an opportunity to snorkel and deep-sea dive in the most unique areas of the ocean.

Numerous activities

During this cruise, you will not only stay on the boat. You will find yourself engaged in numerous physical activities to keep your holiday spirit up. Besides the visit to the Komodo National Park, you will also get to hike a mountainous island and to visit the rare pink beaches of the Indonesian islands.

You will also get to interact with local communities and get to learn more about the culture of the people who live in the islands and cities you will pass by during your cruise.

Provides an opportunity to rest and relax

Being on a cruise allows you the opportunity to not have the luxury of internet or your phone by your side at all times.

A few days away from the hassles of the world and work ensure that you are well relaxed and rejuvenated for the next task or goal you will want to achieve in your life.

Offered by reputable hotel brands

One of the largest providers of the Komodo cruise is the Ayana hotels. It is a leading hospitality and tourism service provider in the Islands of Indonesia and around the world.

It has numerous five-star hotels in the beautiful islands of Indonesia and in the city. Ayana hotels provide a unique cruise experience. This cruise is aboard a traditionally Indonesian boat known as a phinisi boat. It carries a maximum of eighteen passengers and is manned by professional hotel staff.

Highly affordable

Unlike a stay at a five-star hotel, a cruise is highly affordable. You can enjoy a three-day cruise at the fraction of the price of staying a five-star hotel in any region of the world.

It is a unique experience

The Komodo cruise is one of the most unique experiences you will ever have. You will meet exciting and interesting people as you cruise along the Indian Ocean. You will meet with marine life enthusiasts who are in the trip to just dive and experience the underwater scenery for themselves.


The Komodo cruise provides a variety of experiences and activities for all aboard. For all cruise enthusiasts, this is a cruise that you will want to get onto at least once in your life.

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