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Natural marvels in Poland – top waterfalls by ITS DMC Poland.

Some people say that there is nothing so relaxing as observing waterfalls. They are true natural marvels with their own unique beauty and special climate. Poland might not have huge waterfalls, however, the ones you can find in here are very climatic and, in majority, very inviting due to their close location to public roads and trails. Discover beautiful Polish waterfalls with ITS DMC Poland and find inspiration for your first post COVID trip.

A waterfall in general is a free, vertical fall of river water, caused by the existence of a clear rock threshold in the river bed, with a height of several to several hundred metres. The waterfall occurs in the upper stretches of rivers, in places where the river cuts through a layer of hard rocks. Therefore, in Poland we mainly find them in the Sudetes and Tatra mountain ranges. The rocks in upper parts of rivers are usually washed more slowly than the soft ground downstream, so they can form a step from which the water falls. The series of waterfalls is called a cascade.

The highest waterfalls in Poland according to ITS DMC Poland include:

  1. Siklawa 65 m
  2. Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza (three cascades 10 m each)
  3. Kamieńczyk 27 m
  4. Wilczki 22 m
  5. Siklawica 21 m
  6. Szklarki 13 m
  7. Podgórnej 10 m
  8. Sopotnia Wielka Waterfall 10 m
  9. Magórski Waterfall 7 m.

ITS DMC Poland advises to visit waterfalls mainly in spring when there is a lot of water from melting snow cover in the mountains and they are the most spectacular.

Top Polish waterfalls by ITS DMC Poland:

Siklawa Waterfall

It is the highest waterfall in Poland and the most difficult to get to as well. It is located in Tatra National Park in Zakopane town area in the Lower Poland region (polish: małopolskie). It includes a few hours trek upward to the Five Pond Valley which offers unearthly and magnificent views. ITS DMC Poland suggests this trekking only to experienced climbers with proper trekking shoes.

Kamienczyk Waterfall

It is located in the Sudetes close to the city centre of Szklarska Poręba mountain resort. It is fairly easy to get there via trail starting in the town centre. Kamienczyk is located in very picturesque gorge and an interesting fact is that you can go to watch it only when wearing a safety helmet. ITS DMC Poland says that they are available on site, so you don’t need to worry where to find them. Tourist should also take a look at the grotto hidden behind the central cascade, called the Golden Pit. It was made by the Walloons from one of the regions of Belgium who were searching for gold and silver there. If you are a fantasy fan you will be also intrigued to hear, that at Kamienczyk Waterfall was a filming location for “Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Kaspian”.

Szklarki Waterfall

It is very easily accessible with only a 5-minute’s leisure stroll as from the parking lot, located on the road to Szklarska Poreba. ITS DMC Poland also says it is accessible to people on wheelchairs. Szklarki water cascade tapers downwards and falls in a spiral, giving it a unique character noted as early as Middle Ages. Nowadays, just by the waterfall there is a small mountain shelter.

Podgornej Waterfall

It is picturesquely situated in the Sudetes in a rocky gorge. It falls with three cascades of medium intensity. In summer, there are plenty of people willing to swim in its crystal clear and icy water. As it is not located in any national park you are welcome to do so. ITS DMC Poland suggests that it is possible to see Kamienczyk, Szklarki and Podgornej waterfalls during one day tour.

Wilczki Waterfall

It is situated in the Sudetes near Miedzygorze mountain resort. ITS DMC Poland states that it is good to combine the visit there with trekking to Snieznik summit. The waterfall and surrounding it rocks are a natural reserve.

Summing up, all waterfalls are beautiful and mysterious and well worth the visit. If you are a natural environment fan and love waterfalls ITS DMC Poland especially advices two towns as a starting point for your sightseeing: Szklarska Poreba and Zakopane. Each visit to the waterfall is unique due to weather conditions, current amount of water and plants around it. All together they add up to create a unique experience worth its time and effort. If any of the above places caught your interest feel free to contact ITS DMC Poland professional group specialists to start your Polish adventure.

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Immigration Lawyers Will Stop at Nothing to Help Their Clients

Being an immigrant in any country can be incredibly difficult and it can be hard to get the rights you deserve. But with the help of an immigration lawyer, you’ll be able to achieve all of your goals without having to worry about whether or not you’ll get kicked out of the country.

With an immigration lawyer, you’ll also be able to successfully apply for a work visa, get married, obtain a certificate of sponsorship, and much more.

Get Legal Advice From Trusted Professionals

If you’re unsure about the immigration laws where you live, your best bet would be to get legal advice from trusted professionals. They’ll be able to help with:

  • Domestic violence cases
  • Asylum applications and appeal
  • Human rights applications
  • Detention advice

Don’t let yourself get taken advantage of simply because you may not know your rights. Reach out to a lawyer for immigration legal advice in Leeds today.

Don’t Hesitate, Contact an Immigration Lawyer Today

An immigration lawyer is familiar with the laws of the country and will be able to give you the information you need. They will also be able to provide you with legal advice regardless of whatever situation you are in.

If you’re an immigrant and have any questions or concerns, reach out to an immigration lawyer today for legal advice, support, and everything else in between.

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Faced a car injury while Travel? Don’t worry about the post-injury hassles with the personal injury attorney

Getting harmed can be a horrendous and at times startling, experience. It’s particularly disturbing if your wounds are the consequence of someone else’s deliberate or careless activities. On the off chance that you accept your wounds are another person’s flaw, a legal counselor can give you data about your legitimate choices. Most close to home injury lawyers furnish planned customers. Individual injury attorneys additionally normally chip away at a possibility premise, implying that they possibly get paid if your case brings about a judgment in support of yourself or a settlement understanding. Find Law’s Using a Personal Injury Lawyer segment gives articles and assets to assist you in deciding whether you need a lawyer for an individual physical issue case. You can likewise discover test records, for example, a lawyer admission poll and lawyer arrangements.

How an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

An accomplished lawyer can be useful for an assortment of reasons. Above all else, an accomplished individual physical issue lawyer will have experience surveying claims like yours. A lawyer can assist you with choosing if you should seek lawful activity by evaluating the strength of your case. It’s in the lawyer’s wellbeing to give you a valid and legit appraisal of the strength of your case in light of the fact that generally close to home injury lawyers chip away at a possibility charge premise. Thus, on the off chance that you don’t win, they don’t get paid.

Managing wounds can be enthusiastic, which could keep you from seeing the realities obviously. A lawyer can give a target assessment of your circumstance. For instance, you might need to settle on an imprudent choice in case you’re offered a settlement, however, a lawyer will have the option to remain a target and offer you guidance in the event that you should wait for a superior offer.

A lawyer will have the option to work however the regularly muddled legitimate methodology, confounding clinical terms, and desk work that is normal to numerous individual injury cases. Moreover, a lawyer will regularly have a group of examiners and care staff to assist the person in question with setting up your case. With the lawyer and their staff chipping away at your case, you can zero in on improving and returning back to your typical life.

A lawyer will likewise have experience working with different legal advisors and insurance agencies. Ordinarily, if the rival side has a lawyer, you’re off guard on the off chance that you don’t have one too. Albeit a lawyer is needed to be moral, that doesn’t imply that they can’t utilize lawful strategies to put them in a favorable position over a non-legal counselor. Additionally, insurance agencies can be hard to work with and a lawyer wouldn’t be befuddled by their strategies or feel forced to agree to an unacceptable sum.

At long last, laws and lawful systems can be befuddling. Individual injury laws change from state to state, and an accomplished individual physical issue lawyer will be comfortable with the laws in their state. Furthermore, a lawyer has the experience and apparatuses to decipher and apply those laws to your specific case. The attorney will likewise realize the correct legitimate methodology to construct the best case for you.

Recruiting a Personal Injury Attorney

On the off chance that you or somebody near you has been harmed and you accept that another person is to blame, you might need to meet with a personal injury lawyer in Winchester, TN. The lawyer injury consumption survey and agenda of reports to bring to your gathering accessible in this part can assist you with setting up your gathering.


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Top 5 Adventurous Activities to Experience in Jaipur

Jaipur is the glorious city, and it is a capital of Rajasthan state and it is one of the best weekend destinations. Jaipur is also known as pink city. Most of the tourists like to spend their holidays in Jaipur because Jaipur is a beautiful city and most of the foreign tourists also like to visit.The most popular monuments are Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, Nahargarh Fort and many more. It is one of the busiest and most iconic city.

1.Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh fort is one of the many countless places in India. This fort was built in 1734 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh and this fort stand on the edge of the Aravalli Hills. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Jaipur. There are many structures inside the fort like Madhavendra Bhavan, Diwan-a-Am and many other structures. The main thing about this fort that it is believed that to be haunted and it is a popular film shooting location. Everyday thousands of tourists visit in this fort andthe timings of this fort is 10.00 Am to 5.30 Pm.

  1. Amer Fort

Amer fort is situated in Amber, Jaipur. It is one of the most famous fort of Rajasthan. The fort has influences of both Hindu and Muslim architecture. At the entrance place to the palace near the fort Ganesh Gate, there is a temple devoted to devoted to Shila Devi and this fort is divided into six separate sections and each has its own entry gate and courtyard. You can take elephant ride up the cobbled path. One can also witness a magical light show held here every evening at 7.30pm, this thing attracts the tourists. Plan your trip and know more about the price of Palace on Wheels train for the peak and lean season.

  1. Jhalana Safari Park

Jhalana safari park is the amazing adventurous park of Jaipur. This park is about 22 minutes away from the main Jaipur city. Here you will be able to come close to leopards and experience the thrill of seeing them run in the wild. It is a great trip to take from Jaipur. It is a great place to experience the wonders of nature. This park is spread over 21 sq km of land and it is easier to spot leopards. The complete safari would take about 2.5 hours and you will be enriched with loads of knowledge regarding wild life. This park is best experienced place from September to February, when the weather is cool.

4.Sambhar Lake

Sambhar Lake is situated in the Indian state of Rajasthan and this lake is also known Salt Lake. This lake is the largest Lake in India and this lake is spread over 24000 hectare. This lake produced around 196000 tons salt every year. This lake is 60 Km away from Jaipur. The best time to visit at Sambharlake between the month of October to March, Avoid travelling in the month of June to September, as this is the monsoon season, you are not able to witness much of salt production. This lake is one of the best of Jaipur.

5.Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal is situated at pink city of Jaipur and it is made up of Red and Pink sandstone which enhance its beauty. An interesting fact about this monument that it has 953 windows on the outside of the walls. The structure was built in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. This monument is made for royal womens to enjoy the events and the festivals. The best to visit in hawa Mahal is in early morning, when sun enters in the rooms from windows and this monument is illuminated with golden sun lights. This thing attracts the tourist to visit in this monument.

Embark your journey to Jaipur by travel through the Palace on Wheels luxury train which makes your trip more luxurious.

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Enjoy the Komodo Cruise

There are different types of holiday that one can take. One of the most popular holidays in the world is the cruise holiday. This is the holiday that people take when they board a cruise ship or boat to cruise along the sea for several days.

A popular cruise region is the country of Indonesia. It is made up of numerous islands and natural beautiful and diverse landscapes that are a huge tourist attraction. It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and a cruise to this part of the world will always be memorable.

Here are several reasons you should take a cruise along the Indian Ocean coastline in Indonesia.

It will be a cruise you will never forget

This cruise in Indonesia is unforgettable. It is unforgettable because it provides a learning lesson of the many unique aspects of life in this island country. Cruises along the Indian Ocean waters along within Indonesia is known as the Komodo cruise. This is because, in the course of this cruise, you will get an opportunity to have a firsthand experience with the largest lizard on earth, the Komodo Dragon.

The Komodo cruise takes you to the popular Komodo National Park where you will get to see the Komodo dragons.

Interact with marine life

In this cruise, you will get to see and interact with some of the most rare and beautiful fish species and marine life.

The manta rays and numerous fish species common to this part of the Indian Ocean are some of the marine life you will interact with. Beautiful coral reefs and clear and clean protected Ocean waters will provide an opportunity to snorkel and deep-sea dive in the most unique areas of the ocean.

Numerous activities

During this cruise, you will not only stay on the boat. You will find yourself engaged in numerous physical activities to keep your holiday spirit up. Besides the visit to the Komodo National Park, you will also get to hike a mountainous island and to visit the rare pink beaches of the Indonesian islands.

You will also get to interact with local communities and get to learn more about the culture of the people who live in the islands and cities you will pass by during your cruise.

Provides an opportunity to rest and relax

Being on a cruise allows you the opportunity to not have the luxury of internet or your phone by your side at all times.

A few days away from the hassles of the world and work ensure that you are well relaxed and rejuvenated for the next task or goal you will want to achieve in your life.

Offered by reputable hotel brands

One of the largest providers of the Komodo cruise is the Ayana hotels. It is a leading hospitality and tourism service provider in the Islands of Indonesia and around the world.

It has numerous five-star hotels in the beautiful islands of Indonesia and in the city. Ayana hotels provide a unique cruise experience. This cruise is aboard a traditionally Indonesian boat known as a phinisi boat. It carries a maximum of eighteen passengers and is manned by professional hotel staff.

Highly affordable

Unlike a stay at a five-star hotel, a cruise is highly affordable. You can enjoy a three-day cruise at the fraction of the price of staying a five-star hotel in any region of the world.

It is a unique experience

The Komodo cruise is one of the most unique experiences you will ever have. You will meet exciting and interesting people as you cruise along the Indian Ocean. You will meet with marine life enthusiasts who are in the trip to just dive and experience the underwater scenery for themselves.


The Komodo cruise provides a variety of experiences and activities for all aboard. For all cruise enthusiasts, this is a cruise that you will want to get onto at least once in your life.

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How to Explore New Zealand by Campervan

A road trip is truly the best means to embark on a New Zealand adventure, and what better vehicle to choose than a classic campervan? Campervans offer the flexibility and comfort you need to explore the rural landscapes of this beautiful country. In this sparsely populated landscape, you may often find yourself restricted from exploring certain areas due to a lack of accommodation, so a campervan offers the perfect solution to make such destinations accessible.

Getting Your Vehicle

For extended stays, it may be cost-effective to buy a campervan, but generally speaking it is far easier and less time-consuming to rent. You can find the best NZ campervan rentals online and book in advance, so you can get right on the road as soon as you arrive. For cheap campervan hire in NZ, you may be able to find deals on relocating vehicles. This is where companies provide discounts for customers willing to drop the rental car at another destination where it is required.

The Legalities

In order to legally drive a vehicle in NZ, you will first need either a full driving licence written in English or otherwise an approved translation of your licence or an International Driving Permit. Although the legal driving age is 16, there are often age restrictions placed by rental companies of 18 years and upwards. New Zealanders drive on the left hand side, so be sure to take note of this if it differs from your home country! Where you are allowed to camp will depend on your vehicle type, so if you are planning on looking into campervan holidays in New Zealand, it would be wise to consider this point before you set out. Vehicles classified as “self-contained” allow you to camp freely, except for in camping restricted zones. In order to qualify as a self-contained, a vehicle must be capable of storing a minimum of three days’ worth of water and waste water and also have an on-board toilet facility. Without a self-contained vehicle, there are only very few spots which will allow you to camp in public for free. Be sure to check the local laws of each area before attempting any freedom camping.

The Practicalities

Travelling by campervan comes with its own unique set of practicalities, which can be easily managed with a little preparation. Disposing of waste and recharging your power can both be accomplished during a stop off at a holiday park. If you’re planning on booking a car hire in Cairns, this area in particular has a wide range of excellent holiday parks on offer, where you can get your creature comforts at the same time, with kitchens, laundry and showers all readily available. For a more basic stopover, you can park up at one of the many campsites across the country, most of which are much cheaper than holiday parks, and some even free.

Campervans are an excellent way to explore what New Zealand has to offer. They provide a one-stop-shop for travel, sleeping, and camping which allows you to venture out without a thought for where you’ll lay your head for the night, making them the perfect stress-free travel companion.

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Planning a Cruise Trip? Here’s a Checklist

Have you been thinking about booking a cruise holiday? Cruises are becoming an ever-popular way to explore the world, and it’s easy to see why. With so many different providers and destinations on offer, alongside some incredible package deals, cruises allow their passengers to experience multiple destinations all in one trip and for a fraction of the price it would cost to visit everywhere separately. But having so much choice can feel overwhelming, so here are a few tips to help you out.


With a seemingly limitless number of destinations and combinations available, how are you to pick one? For first-time cruisers, Northern Europe or the Mediterranean are great options. They are not too far from home and with so many notable ports in close proximity to one another, they can really show what cruising has to offer. For the more intrepid traveller, a trip around South America can provide a wealth of differing landscapes all in one trip, unparalleled in any other part of the world. The most adventurous among us can go right to the edge of the map, with cruises in Antarctica showcasing awe-inspiring icebergs and rarely seen nature.

Choose a Package

Once you’re set on a destination, you’re then faced with choosing a package. With so many great cruise deals on offer, this tends to become your next hurdle. For those on a budget, last minute deals provide a chance to save some pennies whilst narrowing down your choices making your decision easier. For those with less time your hands, why not choose a trip that embarks from the UK, and save on flight time. For those without money or time constraints, a tailored trip could be the perfect chance to call the shots and start making your way through that bucket-list.

Find the Best Deals

If you have the flexibility, choosing to travel outside of high seasons like the school holidays can be the best way to save money. Likewise, as mentioned above, last-minute deals are a great way to grab a bargain trip and may encourage you to consider visiting somewhere a little bit different from what you would usually opt for. There are often great package deals which include meals, drinks and day trips which can end up saving you a lot of cash and hassle whilst on your trip. Finally, keep an eye out for sales and special offers. These can offer great discounts and on-board spending money which can really help reduce your spending.

What to Pack

With cruises popular for their ability to provide a comfortable and well-equipped base from which to explore even the most remote locations, packing will be one of your easier tasks. Sun cream and a swim suit are essentials for a majority of trips, whilst those planning on visiting religious sites or ancient relics may wish to pack culture-appropriate clothing and some sturdy footwear. Anything you forget will be readily available on board or at one of your many stops, so it’s best not to let the stress of packing override your holiday excitement.

Now you’re equipped with these tips, why not get cruising and choose your package deal today!

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Private Yacht Charter in Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik Croatia is one of the most important tourist destinations in Croatia. It is located on the north-western side of the Balkan Peninsula. Adriatic Sea to the west and Serbia to the north. Most of the people who live in the city are Catholics. The economy in the city is mostly done with agriculture and industry. Now yacht charter Croatia and make your perfect Dubrovnik yacht holiday.

Dubrovnik has a very important place in its history. It is a World Heritage city by Unesco.

Gulet Yacht Charter and Dubrovnik Airport Transfers

Gulet yacht charter and Dubrovnik airport transfers. Dubrovnik is one of the most preferred holiday destinations from the point of view of tourism. It is visited by hundreds of tourists every year. Most of these tourists travel along Dalmatian coasts by renting gulets.With our luxurious yachts you can feel Dubrovnik’s historic smell.Our luxurious gulet boats, which are generally spacious with double beds, a wardrobe and a comfortable space, will give you unique moments in blue voyage.The most important benefit of early booking in a blue voyage is that you have the chance to make a blue voyage with your desired boat. Also Taxiyo is ready for your Dubrovnik airport transfers. Have a nice holidays.

How Can You Make Reservation?

Fill out the form below and apply now to make an immediate reservation. Then enjoy your holiday.

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Travelling With Different Groups – Different Perspective On Life

Life is very easy when we have our dear ones near us all the time, have a good job, a healthy body and a stable mind. Everything seems well and we become content with our actions and feel safe in the comfort zone we create for ourselves. But it is also true that such a life ends up being monotonous, too simple and without any challenges. It is said that the only thing constant in this world is Change. And in order to create change we are required to try out new things, gain more opinions, have a broader perspective of life and accept new challenges.

Travelling is the escape people have turned to when they are looking for change in their lives and wanting to seek more meaning, purpose and challenges for themselves. Travelling lets you do things that you always think of doing but are unable to because of various factors. Travelling allows you to explore, gain knowledge, experience thrill and most importantly meet new people. Travelling allows you to transcend boundaries, and discover your own self whilst you are discovering the world in front of you, it allows you assess your limits, be free and feel happy.

In the ancient times people used to travel for hundreds and thousands of kilometers traversing the deadliest of paths, as they reached new destinations they gained more and more knowledge about the human race, the culture of the land, the language people spoke and the kind of life and thought process they developed. Such is the beauty of travelling it allows you to gain new perspectives about everything around you. Travelling in groups especially with your colleagues or with random strangers allows you to learn so much about life. Through your travelling you interact with them, get to know them and their beliefs.
Travelling with different groups

Travelling with different groups has the major benefit of opening up your mind when you get wide spectrum of opinions, views and thoughts. You unknowingly end up sharing a very strong bond with them, you feel part of their life as they feel yours and you learn a lot from each individuals own life experiences. The beauty of travelling with different groups is that you gain different perspectives on life, on people and get a step closer to discovering yourself in the process. Travelling with different groups of people makes enter a give and take relationship with others where both you and others benefit mutually.

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Using An Ipad Vpn While Travelling Abroad

Picture a traveler with an iPad waiting at an international airport lounge in between flights. The traveler discovers that there is a wireless connection available and decides jump online with the iPad. Picture also that this same user is unmindful that the wireless network is unsecure. This user is now open to data vulnerabilities. It is moments like this that highlight the importance of a personal iPad VPN service.

How a Personal iPad VPN Gives Users Wings

Before considering how a personal VPN service can make the Internet safer, it is important to understand a little more about Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology. VPN is not software. It is a service that is a synergy of hardware and software. A personal iPad VPN is a VPN particularly adapted to the needs of iPad users. It provides a secure connection between iPad users and websites and online services that are accessed on the Internet. When a personal iPad VPN user types in a URL on the address bar of their browser, the iPad connects with the VPN. The personal iPad VPN then redirects the request to the website theyre trying to access. It then transmits the requested information back. The website that they access can only see that the request is coming from the VPN service providers address. There are other advantages of personal VPNs as well.

How Does the Personal iPad VPN Help the User?

Data that is sent from the iPad to the personal iPad VPN is sent through a secure tunnel. It runs through the Internet, establishing a secure connection between the iPad user and the website or online service. The data that is exchanged is encapsulated using encryption (depending on whether the user chose L2TP, OpenVPN or PPTP service). Compared to an Internet home-based connection which doesnt use a VPN, the personal data the iPad VPN transmits and receives is never compromised or accessible by outsiders.

Here are a few of the Benefits of an iPad VPN:

1.Secure Payments with Peace of Mind
Thousands of iPad users daily make online purchases. This means they have to perform a payment transaction via their iPad. The payment could be made using their credit card information, which is authenticated by their bank online, or via a third party payment gateway system that is implemented by the app store. Either way, they will need to send their payment information via the Internet. When using an unsecured connection, this information can be accessed by hackers. However, when using a personal iPad VPN, the data is encrypted. This means there is no opportunity for identity thieves to snatch credit card information.

2.Accessing Confidential Data from the Office
Lets take the case of an iPad user on a business trip. This user needs to access digital documents located online while traveling. Accessing documents from outside the office is susceptible to snooping and hacking. To ensure that the data exchange takes place in a secure environment, a personal iPad VPN is the perfect solution.