Natural marvels in Poland – top waterfalls by ITS DMC Poland.

Some people say that there is nothing so relaxing as observing waterfalls. They are true natural marvels with their own unique beauty and special climate. Poland might not have huge waterfalls, however, the ones you can find in here are very climatic and, in majority, very inviting due to their close location to public roads and trails. Discover beautiful Polish waterfalls with ITS DMC Poland and find inspiration for your first post COVID trip.

A waterfall in general is a free, vertical fall of river water, caused by the existence of a clear rock threshold in the river bed, with a height of several to several hundred metres. The waterfall occurs in the upper stretches of rivers, in places where the river cuts through a layer of hard rocks. Therefore, in Poland we mainly find them in the Sudetes and Tatra mountain ranges. The rocks in upper parts of rivers are usually washed more slowly than the soft ground downstream, so they can form a step from which the water falls. The series of waterfalls is called a cascade.

The highest waterfalls in Poland according to ITS DMC Poland include:

  1. Siklawa 65 m
  2. Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza (three cascades 10 m each)
  3. Kamieńczyk 27 m
  4. Wilczki 22 m
  5. Siklawica 21 m
  6. Szklarki 13 m
  7. Podgórnej 10 m
  8. Sopotnia Wielka Waterfall 10 m
  9. Magórski Waterfall 7 m.

ITS DMC Poland advises to visit waterfalls mainly in spring when there is a lot of water from melting snow cover in the mountains and they are the most spectacular.

Top Polish waterfalls by ITS DMC Poland:

Siklawa Waterfall

It is the highest waterfall in Poland and the most difficult to get to as well. It is located in Tatra National Park in Zakopane town area in the Lower Poland region (polish: małopolskie). It includes a few hours trek upward to the Five Pond Valley which offers unearthly and magnificent views. ITS DMC Poland suggests this trekking only to experienced climbers with proper trekking shoes.

Kamienczyk Waterfall

It is located in the Sudetes close to the city centre of Szklarska Poręba mountain resort. It is fairly easy to get there via trail starting in the town centre. Kamienczyk is located in very picturesque gorge and an interesting fact is that you can go to watch it only when wearing a safety helmet. ITS DMC Poland says that they are available on site, so you don’t need to worry where to find them. Tourist should also take a look at the grotto hidden behind the central cascade, called the Golden Pit. It was made by the Walloons from one of the regions of Belgium who were searching for gold and silver there. If you are a fantasy fan you will be also intrigued to hear, that at Kamienczyk Waterfall was a filming location for “Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Kaspian”.

Szklarki Waterfall

It is very easily accessible with only a 5-minute’s leisure stroll as from the parking lot, located on the road to Szklarska Poreba. ITS DMC Poland also says it is accessible to people on wheelchairs. Szklarki water cascade tapers downwards and falls in a spiral, giving it a unique character noted as early as Middle Ages. Nowadays, just by the waterfall there is a small mountain shelter.

Podgornej Waterfall

It is picturesquely situated in the Sudetes in a rocky gorge. It falls with three cascades of medium intensity. In summer, there are plenty of people willing to swim in its crystal clear and icy water. As it is not located in any national park you are welcome to do so. ITS DMC Poland suggests that it is possible to see Kamienczyk, Szklarki and Podgornej waterfalls during one day tour.

Wilczki Waterfall

It is situated in the Sudetes near Miedzygorze mountain resort. ITS DMC Poland states that it is good to combine the visit there with trekking to Snieznik summit. The waterfall and surrounding it rocks are a natural reserve.

Summing up, all waterfalls are beautiful and mysterious and well worth the visit. If you are a natural environment fan and love waterfalls ITS DMC Poland especially advices two towns as a starting point for your sightseeing: Szklarska Poreba and Zakopane. Each visit to the waterfall is unique due to weather conditions, current amount of water and plants around it. All together they add up to create a unique experience worth its time and effort. If any of the above places caught your interest feel free to contact ITS DMC Poland professional group specialists to start your Polish adventure. Do not forget to visit this website for useful information about traveling to the northern areas.

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