Jakarta Is More Than Just A Stop Over- 5 Things to Do While in Jakarta


Jakarta Is More Than Just A Stop Over- 5 Things to Do While in Jakarta

For many people visiting Indonesia, Jakarta is that nondescript metropolis that they have to stop over on their way to a more exciting destination or just a business only location where they stop to do a few specific errands and be on their way. However, people who have a deeper understanding of the city will be quick to tell you of the numerous things to do and places to explore in this massive Indonesian capital.

Whether you are stopping by for business or just exploring Indonesia and wondering what to make of the sprawling metropolis, you must try doing a few or all of the following activities while in Jakarta, and you will have experienced a side of Jakarta many visitors rarely get to experience.

5 Things You Must Do While in Jakarta

Jakarta Is BIG on Shopping (Like Really BIG)

One thing you will notice if you happen to venture outside your hotel is the sheer number of shopping malls, markets, and stalls lining the streets and corners of the city. Jakarta can be touted as the shopping capital of southeast Asia. People in this city take shopping seriously-it’s kind of culture here.

Visit any of the giant shopping malls in Jakarta, and you will be overwhelmed by the amount of shopping going on in a given day. Plus, life in this city is not that expensive so you might land a few dozen discounts here and there (cheap electronics, fabrics, food items, etc.). The outdoors stalls and local flea markets are something else; you will find all manner of trinkets and memorabilia at a bargain provided you put your bargaining hat on.

Moving Around in Jakarta- A Chaotic but Memorable Experience

The best way to experience Jakarta is to explore for yourself using a combination of transportation means in the city. This could be a wild and sometimes dangerous ride in the infamous Bajaj in the city or a simple taxi ride. Traffic in Jakarta can be crazy if you don’t time your movements well though. That said, the city has improved by leaps and bounds in the recent past in terms of infrastructure and what’s more, the fuel price here is quite low, so most of your rides will be dirt cheap regardless of the means you choose.

Experience true Luxury in Jakarta’s Hotels and Nightclubs

Being the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is home to some of the most luxurious hotels and nightclubs in the city. A great example is the Ayana hotel central Jakarta that we had the privilege of enjoying on our recent visit to the city. The hotels in this city are truly amazing with exceptional Indonesian hospitality, delicious local and international cuisine, and world-class amenities.

Nightlife in Jakarta is also quite vibrant. Though Jakarta has a significant Muslim population, you will be pleasantly surprised by the diversity in the cultures and lifestyles in this sprawling metropolis in the Indonesian archipelago. There are beautiful rooftop clubs and restaurants that offer breathtaking views of the city, good food and lots of partying.

Enjoy the Car Free Sunday In Jakarta

If you happen to stay a little longer in Jakarta, then you might find It interesting to venture outside during the car-free Sundays. This is the best time to explore the beautiful city on foot, engage with the locals, and have fun on the numerous street festivals that spring up with all the traffic gone. Car-free Sundays usually start from around six in the morning so don’t oversleep!

Explore the Beaches

Jakarta has some beaches in case you would love a bit of swimming or just want to experience the cool breeze while taking a relaxing walk by the water. Do note that some of the beaches are not great for swimming due to the pollution problems experienced by most large cities. Ancol beach is the closest one to Jakarta worth a look. If you have more time, you can visit the amazing beaches located further away from the capital including; Macan beach, Anyer, Carita Beach, Ujung Genteng Beach, among others.

Final Words

As you have seen, Jakarta is not just about the traffic jams, Highrise buildings, and monuments. Jakarta is a great city with numerous attractions and amazing people.

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