Best places to go for shopping in Manali during your stay


Situated in Himachal Pradesh, Manali is known as the land of contrasts. Surrounded by lofty mountains, a zig-zag river course, dense coniferous forests, verdant valleys and various trekking trails, Manali is one of the most-loved summer retreats of the subcontinent. Apart from that, this beautiful hill station also has a stronghold of various markets which are flocked by both locals and tourists. So, if you want to undergo retail therapy, you can head to Manali without giving it a second thought.

As a mountain person, Manali has always been on my travel wish list. Like any other adventure enthusiast, I also wanted to encounter the rustic charm of the hill station. Hence, I booked a flight ticket to this heavenly from Since I was travelling solo, after conducting comprehensive research about the hotels in Manali, I booked myself a room at the Hotel Mountain Top for an entire week. After landing in Manali, I began to prepare for the next part of my trip. The first few days I went to the signature places of the hill station including the Hadimba Devi Temple, Solang Valley and Wildlife Sanctuary. And on the latter part. I visited different shopping places and bought several items for myself. These are the shopping places where I made my visit and was quite contended my the end of the trip. The following are the shopping places that I explored.

Bought trendy clothes from Old Manali Market

The view of different stalls at Old Manali Market

After having breakfast, I began my shopping tour from the Old Manali Market. Presenting a countryside charm, the Old Manali Market boasts picturesque markets that sell a wide range of products. From Old Manali Market, I bought some trendy t-shirts, accessories and shoes. Here, you can also get other fashionable clothes and woollen garments from the shops. If you want to explore the marketplace at peace, come here at the earliest hours or in the afternoon as the Old Manali Market gets a bit crowded in the evening. Also, try to bargain and negotiate with the vendors so that you can purchase various products at minimal rates.

Took souvenirs from Himachal Emporium

The shopping lanes of Himachal Emporium

The next destination on my list was Himachal Emporium. This place is loaded with handicraft products that are made by the local craftsmen of Manali. I was so impressed with the intricate handicraft products that I bought many of them for myself as well as for my family and friends. Here, I purchased a wide range of handmade toys, slippers and shawls. If you are planning on a trip to Manali and looking for a place to shop for souvenirs, Himachal Emporium is just the right stop for you. Don’t forget to buy pashminas from this market, which is the hot-selling item of Himachal Emporium. With a fixed price policy on every product, this market in Manali can offer you a luxurious shopping experience.

Purchased angora from Bhuttico

The showroom of Bhuttico

Your shopping spree would be incomplete in Manali if you don’t visit Bhuttico. After a scrumptious lunch, I went on to my next shopping destination, Bhuttico. Established in 1994 by a group of women, Bhuttico is a National Award Winning marketplace. Considered to be one of the oldest shopping places in Manali, Bhuttico is flocked with tourists as it has a wide range of things to deliver. Since the market is ISO certified, the products here are of international quality. From Bhuttico, I bought angora, scarves and jackets. Because of its international standard, the items here are sold at a higher price compared to the other markets. Thus, I would recommend you to save money from now to buy quality products from Bhuttico which you will never regret purchasing.

Bought jewellery from Manu Market

Jewellery collection at Manu Market

After a fine shopping experience at Bhuttico, I headed to my next shopping destination which was the Manu Market. A small marketplace tucked in the Mall Road, Manali, Manu Market offers a plethora of vibrant items for both tourists and locals to shop for. From books to handloom products, this shopping place draws the attention of all kinds of travellers. What struck me the most about this place was the display of fine artificial jewellery. The place is studded with such a beautiful collection of artificial jewellery that I wanted to buy them all. Manu Market with such an impressive collection of goods at reasonable pricing makes itself a shopper’s ideal place to visit. After buying your desired products, you can also enjoy mouth-watering food from the nearby restaurants as I did.

Purchased antique items from The Mall Road

The clock display at one of the Mall Road shops

My final destination was Mall Road in Manali. Boasting a wide range of hotels, shops and cafes, this place is considered to be the heart of the city. A lot of activities happen throughout the day at Mall Road. Like me, many people out there were buying winter apparel from the Mall Road shops while others were savouring the street food. After hopping from one market to another, I finally paused at a local shop to buy antique items for my father. From there, I bought many eye-catching items including a vintage wall clock. I also bought a few colourful handloom sarees from Mall Road.

I concluded my Manali shopping expedition by dining at a local Chinese restaurant at Mall Road. Manali is indeed one of the best places to plan your trip if you love nature or are an adventure enthusiast. But if you also have a knack for collecting souvenirs like me, you can visit the above-mentioned shopping places and get your hands on the best goodies in town.

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