Using An Ipad Vpn While Travelling Abroad


Picture a traveler with an iPad waiting at an international airport lounge in between flights. The traveler discovers that there is a wireless connection available and decides jump online with the iPad. Picture also that this same user is unmindful that the wireless network is unsecure. This user is now open to data vulnerabilities. It is moments like this that highlight the importance of a personal iPad VPN service.

How a Personal iPad VPN Gives Users Wings

Before considering how a personal VPN service can make the Internet safer, it is important to understand a little more about Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology. VPN is not software. It is a service that is a synergy of hardware and software. A personal iPad VPN is a VPN particularly adapted to the needs of iPad users. It provides a secure connection between iPad users and websites and online services that are accessed on the Internet. When a personal iPad VPN user types in a URL on the address bar of their browser, the iPad connects with the VPN. The personal iPad VPN then redirects the request to the website theyre trying to access. It then transmits the requested information back. The website that they access can only see that the request is coming from the VPN service providers address. There are other advantages of personal VPNs as well.

How Does the Personal iPad VPN Help the User?

Data that is sent from the iPad to the personal iPad VPN is sent through a secure tunnel. It runs through the Internet, establishing a secure connection between the iPad user and the website or online service. The data that is exchanged is encapsulated using encryption (depending on whether the user chose L2TP, OpenVPN or PPTP service). Compared to an Internet home-based connection which doesnt use a VPN, the personal data the iPad VPN transmits and receives is never compromised or accessible by outsiders.

Here are a few of the Benefits of an iPad VPN:

1.Secure Payments with Peace of Mind
Thousands of iPad users daily make online purchases. This means they have to perform a payment transaction via their iPad. The payment could be made using their credit card information, which is authenticated by their bank online, or via a third party payment gateway system that is implemented by the app store. Either way, they will need to send their payment information via the Internet. When using an unsecured connection, this information can be accessed by hackers. However, when using a personal iPad VPN, the data is encrypted. This means there is no opportunity for identity thieves to snatch credit card information.

2.Accessing Confidential Data from the Office
Lets take the case of an iPad user on a business trip. This user needs to access digital documents located online while traveling. Accessing documents from outside the office is susceptible to snooping and hacking. To ensure that the data exchange takes place in a secure environment, a personal iPad VPN is the perfect solution.

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