Peru Vacation Adventurous Memories


Peru is one of the best vacation places on the earth. Peru is totally covered with rain forests, it tells the rich history of Inca Empire. There are bunches of spots that will make your Peru vacation huge. Throughout the Peru vacations you will encounter loads of diversities. I am going to let you know some of them one by one.

Feel the beauty and excitement of adventurous journey on a trip on the Andean Explorer Train that follows a mountainous route from the city of Cuzco to Andean plains at Lake Titicaca. The journey is of 240 miles. The train has an open-air observation car that can help you in taking the best photographs of the mountains valley and the plains. After you get to the Lake Titicaca, do not forget to explore the city of Puno which quite famous for its archaeological and historical sites. From Puno you can take tour to various floating Islands and see the cultures of the local communities that live on these artificial island or floating islands, you can go to Uros.

Also you can trip to Colca Canyon which is deeper and wider than the Grand Canyon. Holidays to these parts of Southern Peru includes dramatic changes in nature. You can see the alpacas and llamas and can walk along the sides of green agricultural step farms on the sides of the canyon. These farms were made by the Incas, which are still cultivated. You can reach to the base of canyon by doing trekking. Here you can see giant hummingbird also Andean Condor, part of the vulture family with fleshy decoration, like the wattles of a chicken. The wing span is more than 9 foot.

On the coastal area you will find cool and dry weather which is due the less rainfall and cold currents of Sea bordering United States. You can find lots of hotels and lodges. During your Peru vacation you can experience varieties of climate changes. Rain is one of the most important factors that can ruin your holidays as Peru also covered with rain forests. So before you plan your trip take advice from the tour and travel agencies to get the perfect combination of time. You can also be the viewer of several top sights like the ruins of old glorious Inca cities, rainforests, canyon, lakes and plains. This is going to give the perfect aroma of this country’s amazing and varied landscapes with distinct cultures.

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