My Husband Booked Our Honeymoon


My husband and I just got married about two months ago. He told me earlier in that year that he wanted me to pick the place where we would go on our honeymoon. So after about 5 months of deliberating and wanting to make sure that I picked the perfect place, I picked France. He then started to do some of the planning as soon as I made up my mind. For example, he bought the tickets, found a company called Taxi Booker that will take you from the airport to the place you will be staying, and more.

He has been to other countries before, but I have not. I had no idea what to expect for the most part. Oddly enough, everyone tells you that you should not wear white sneakers when you go overseas because the people in other countries will immediately peg you as an American. That is about the most travel advice I have ever heard from anyone. So, I knew it was best to let my husband handle everything. < he already knew many of the places that I would probably want to see. He put together a list, printed it out and brought it to me to look over so that I could choose the places that looked most interesting. He said he did not even mind that he will be seeing some of the places more than once. He is such a good guy.

The first place that I wanted to see is the Eiffel Tower. He told me that I would even be able to see it from most places around the city, but that actually visiting it is a lot of fun. He even set up reservations so that we could go up into the tower and eat at the famous restaurant there.

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