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Give Me Space, Airplane Seat Etiquette

Looking forward to your next trip? Do you have your airplane seat assignment? What about the passenger that doesn’t want to follow airplane seat etiquette? Back in the day, you could usually count on the middle seat being empty. Red eye flights would allow you to have an entire row to yourself. Not so, anymore. As most planes tend to go out full, airplane seat etiquette is disappearing.

Give me space

About a year ago, I took a flight, where I had an aisle seat. The row was full and the person in the middle seat had one foot under the seat in front of me and the other foot under the seat in front of the person in the window seat. I understand the middle seat is not as comfortable as the other two seats, so I think they should get both armrests. But also taking part of my space where I can stretch my legs is encroaching on my space. So, what do you do? Luckily, when he moved to get something out of his bag, his feet moved and didn’t come back under the seat in front of me. But, what if they had come back, then what? A cramped seat for the entire flight?

Should you recline your seat?

Nowadays, whether to recline your seat or not has been up for some debate. I admit sitting up straight for the entire flight is not very comfortable. Reclining your seat also has its issues for the person sitting behind you. If they’re trying to use their tray with their laptop or eating a meal, the reclined seat tends to make it very difficult for them. Maybe a compromise, reclining the seat just half-way. They have more space to eat and work. You have a slight recline to take a nap while flying to your destination.

Have you ever been slowly falling asleep just to be woken up by the person behind you, grabbing your seat to help them stand up? When this has happened to me, it’s not enough to grab my seatback, normally they get a handful of hair as well. A better approach may be to push down on your own armrests to lift yourself up and out of your seat instead of pulling down on the seat in front of you.

Let’s not forget children kicking seats and dropping tray tables

Have you ever been on a flight where the child sitting behind you constantly kicks your seatback? Then if that’s not enough, they start unlatching the tray table, allowing it to drop over and over. What do you do? Turn around and ask the parent to have their child stop kicking your seat? You would think you shouldn’t have to ask!

I was on one flight where the person sitting next to me told me the following story. A lady was sitting in her seat where a child was constantly kicking the back of her seat throughout the flight. She turned around and asked the mother to please tell her child to stop. The mother told her the child was just playing and would soon stop. After an hour of this, she turned around again repeating her request to stop the child from kicking her seat. The mother’s response was “children will be children”. Finally, she got up, when to a child sitting behind the mother and told her she’d give her $20.00 to kick the mother’s seat the rest of the flight. $10.00 now and $10.00 at the end of the flight! As she walked back to her seat, she turned to the mother and said, “You’re right! Children will be children. Enjoy the rest of your flight”! Fact or Fiction? You decide!

I’m not recommending kicking someone’s seat to get your point across, but you can see how quickly tempers can flare making for a long flight. Have you experienced any of these problems on your flights.? How did you handle the situation? If everyone practiced airplane seat etiquette, it would be much more enjoyable for everyone.


Rum And Sunsets

Who doesn’t dream of waving goodbye to the gloomy British weather, the stresses and strains of everyday life and spending a week or two soaking up the sun in paradise? The Caribbean was made for cruising; a cruise offers the chance to explore more unique and beautiful islands than you may think possible during one holiday and, with the wonderful selection of Caribbean cruises available from P&O Cruises (click here for more info), that dream could soon be a reality.

For most, the powder-soft sand, swaying palm trees and turquoise waters of the Caribbean are more than enough to convince you that you’re in paradise. However, there is so much more to this wonderfully diverse group of islands than just the idyllic beaches; each one has their own wealth of hidden treasures to uncover.

You’ll find an incredible array of architectural styles, cultures and cuisines thanks to the influences from British, French, Dutch and Spanish settlers. Additionally, there are many historic harbours, bustling markets, colourful towns and lush tropical forests just waiting to be explored too.

The locals will also help to make your experience truly unforgettable; their easy-going attitude and laid-back lifestyle is infectious. They will go out of their way to make you feel welcome and you’ll soon find yourself slipping into their relaxed way of life.

So, let’s imagine that you have booked your cruise and are now enjoying the holiday of a lifetime in the Caribbean…it’s not hard to envisage, is it? Perhaps you’ve been making the most of the glorious weather by relaxing on a beach on the secluded Prickly Pear Island – one of Antigua’s best kept secrets, or, maybe you’ve been snorkelling in the crystal waters of the Norman Island, and have discovered an extraordinary collection of corals, sponges and tropical fish. However you’ve spent your time, now picture yourself back on board your elegant P&O Cruises ship, with the sun about to set on another perfect day… The only thing you would need to make this scene complete is a delicious cocktail in your hand; it’s what the Caribbean is known for after all!

P&O Cruises has a team of talented mixologists who believe that a cocktail should not just be refreshing, but that the exotic flavours and ingredients should also reflect each cocktail’s place of origin. They specialise in simple, classic combinations which deliver delicious bursts of flavour such as hints of revitalising fresh fruit or tangy citrus.

Everyone has a favourite cocktail, but according to the mixologist I was speaking with, the perfect accompaniment to a Caribbean sunset has to be the piña colada; possibly the most famous cocktail of the Caribbean.

The piña colada is silky smooth, yet refreshing. The version you will be served on board your P&O Cruises ship is made with Bacardi and combines the light and lively taste of smooth white rum, pineapple and coconut. Blended and served ice cold, this scrumptious cocktail will enliven your senses in much the same way that the Caribbean will.

Or, for a truly tropical experience, you could try P&O Cruises’ very own signature cocktail, the Sundowner. It’s created with Bacardi rum, tropical juices, maraschino and exotic syrups, shaken and served long. As the name suggests, the Sundowner is best enjoyed in the evening, and is just the thing you need after a hazy summer’s day at sea.

If rum is not to your taste though, worry not; P&O Cruises has a wide range of cocktails and mocktails available on board every ship. Although availability may vary, they are all freshly prepared and I’m certain you’ll soon find your own, personal favourite.

Finally, I have to give the elegant cocktail evenings on board P&O Cruises’ ships a mention too. These much-loved evenings are a firm favourite amongst passengers and offer the chance for ladies to shine in their cocktail dresses, whilst most of the gentlemen choose to wear a tuxedo. Passengers can mingle over drinks as they take in the sunset, enjoy an evening of a la carte fine dining or a night in the casino. This delightful event is a must for anyone who loves a touch of glitz and glamour and is an experience that will stay with you for a long time to come.


Planning For An Adventure Trip To Peru

There are many who are in search of right places for trips and excursions. One of the places that should be visited is Peru. So if there’s an outing plan this year, make an adventure trip to Peru. And if it is with family, then definitely your kids will love visiting this place. This region has the historic leftovers of the ancient Inca Empire. So history lovers, this is the right place to get immersed in ancient civilizations. The tradition of the local folks enriched with the ancient history as well as the loaded natural landscaping may be worth an event. Therefore in order to have the best trip ever, you need to know about the area pretty much beforehand.

The actual jungles in this region bring in targeted visitor round the year. The actual Inca path can be regarded as a major excursion site within Peru. After you embark on some sort of trek within Peru you can spend some time in shopping. You can shop anything and everything related with their lifestyle at the local shops.

You will discover diverse numbers of venture excursions which have been organized according to the quality of talent along with interest of the people for witnessing the raw adventures of the nature. The excursions tend to be organized along with expert regional guides who are residents on the region. They may be properly aware about your location on the area and they are aware to steer the vacationers over the landscaping with experience along with stability.

You will discover diverse numbers of treks along Peru. This specific region gives all of them some sort of tastes of archaeological as well as green and dense forest. You can trek the slopes on the Andes as well as find the incredible fauna in the given area. You will discover villages of the Inca descendants and witness in such excursions as well as discover your Sacred Area in this region.

The actual Urubamba River flows through this city. The actual damages on the Inca Empire can also be seen. These kinds of damages tend to be quite popular among the tourists. For all these historical significance the spot is known as an enthusiastic traveler’s heart. Its proximity to the rain forest also seems to be a mystery to many.

If you are new to Peru and don’t know a bit about it. Then take the help and assistance of any expert tour guide. There are many travel operators who can really help you in quenching away your adventurous thirst.


Peru Vacation Adventurous Memories

Peru is one of the best vacation places on the earth. Peru is totally covered with rain forests, it tells the rich history of Inca Empire. There are bunches of spots that will make your Peru vacation huge. Throughout the Peru vacations you will encounter loads of diversities. I am going to let you know some of them one by one.

Feel the beauty and excitement of adventurous journey on a trip on the Andean Explorer Train that follows a mountainous route from the city of Cuzco to Andean plains at Lake Titicaca. The journey is of 240 miles. The train has an open-air observation car that can help you in taking the best photographs of the mountains valley and the plains. After you get to the Lake Titicaca, do not forget to explore the city of Puno which quite famous for its archaeological and historical sites. From Puno you can take tour to various floating Islands and see the cultures of the local communities that live on these artificial island or floating islands, you can go to Uros.

Also you can trip to Colca Canyon which is deeper and wider than the Grand Canyon. Holidays to these parts of Southern Peru includes dramatic changes in nature. You can see the alpacas and llamas and can walk along the sides of green agricultural step farms on the sides of the canyon. These farms were made by the Incas, which are still cultivated. You can reach to the base of canyon by doing trekking. Here you can see giant hummingbird also Andean Condor, part of the vulture family with fleshy decoration, like the wattles of a chicken. The wing span is more than 9 foot.

On the coastal area you will find cool and dry weather which is due the less rainfall and cold currents of Sea bordering United States. You can find lots of hotels and lodges. During your Peru vacation you can experience varieties of climate changes. Rain is one of the most important factors that can ruin your holidays as Peru also covered with rain forests. So before you plan your trip take advice from the tour and travel agencies to get the perfect combination of time. You can also be the viewer of several top sights like the ruins of old glorious Inca cities, rainforests, canyon, lakes and plains. This is going to give the perfect aroma of this country’s amazing and varied landscapes with distinct cultures.

Destination & Places

My Husband Booked Our Honeymoon

My husband and I just got married about two months ago. He told me earlier in that year that he wanted me to pick the place where we would go on our honeymoon. So after about 5 months of deliberating and wanting to make sure that I picked the perfect place, I picked France. He then started to do some of the planning as soon as I made up my mind. For example, he bought the tickets, found a company called Taxi Booker that will take you from the airport to the place you will be staying, and more.

He has been to other countries before, but I have not. I had no idea what to expect for the most part. Oddly enough, everyone tells you that you should not wear white sneakers when you go overseas because the people in other countries will immediately peg you as an American. That is about the most travel advice I have ever heard from anyone. So, I knew it was best to let my husband handle everything. < he already knew many of the places that I would probably want to see. He put together a list, printed it out and brought it to me to look over so that I could choose the places that looked most interesting. He said he did not even mind that he will be seeing some of the places more than once. He is such a good guy.

The first place that I wanted to see is the Eiffel Tower. He told me that I would even be able to see it from most places around the city, but that actually visiting it is a lot of fun. He even set up reservations so that we could go up into the tower and eat at the famous restaurant there.


Find Your Yacht: Experts Who Take Service to a Whole New Level

When you put the two words in this phrase together, you get a much better understanding of what is involved in this career. A broker is a person who arranges transactions between a buyer and a seller, earning money by taking a commission when the deal is finalised. (Working as a broker is not the same as being an agent for one of the parties to the transaction.)

A broker in the yacht-sales industry serves sellers and buyers, facilitating the sale of luxury watercraft by marketing the yacht and handling inquiries from potential buyers and negotiations as well as being present for any inspection and for the water trial, if applicable. The broker may also attend delivery. An individual may be a listing broker or a selling broker in a structure similar to the real estate industry.

Reliable Service

As with many sales transactions, it’s important to have someone who delivers reliable service, making sure that all the details are in place and attended to at the correct point in the process. You can be sure of receiving this service and more from your yacht brokerage when you trust your arrangements to a company with a decade of experience in the industry. You’ll benefit from professionals bringing buyers and sellers of new boats together along with experts in the essential area of boat management.

Work with an experienced team member to arrange comprehensive yacht management services. The list includes arranging delivery (shipping, insurance, hiring crew members, and training crew). In fact, you’ll benefit from a custom-made training program that ensures that the crew serves clients and guests at the highest level. You’ll have the peace of mind that you want when experts take care of warranty service requirements and act as a liaison with manufacturers.

They’ll also tailor a management package to your needs and desires, covering the details of insurance, mooring, crew, cleaning, maintenance, and much more. A single phone call can put you in touch with professionals who will make sure that you receive the luxury and comfort that you want and deserve.

What You’re Looking for

When you partner with these specialists, you also have access to an array of products in addition to yachts. They can also help you in transactions involving multi-functional boats, sea scooters, etc. You can learn more about the services offered when you visit the website maintained by one of the leaders in the field. Take a few minutes to read a bit about the dedicated professionals who are ready to handle every detail for you.

Be sure to take some time to view the gallery of images showing the range of new yachts from Monte Carlo, Monterey, Nautique, Scarab, etc. You should also devote some time to the page featuring brokerage services, which provides an easy-to-use form for finding the boat that you’re looking for. There are images of watercraft in all price ranges, one of which is sure to be what you’re searching for.

Some companies survive by providing good products and suitable service. A select few lead the field by taking service to a whole new level.


Alternative Adventures To Enjoy In Peru

While there is a limit to the amount of trekking that people like to do, adventure travel destinations are often high on people’s vacation wishlist. Going to Peru allows both non-trekkers and trekkers to get to the top of Machu Picchu either using the Inca Trail or alternative means.

Don’t fret though, there is also a great chance for people who have done enough trails already to go and found something different to do. Many people don’t like advanced bookings, and this is another reason why the next alternative adventure activities are great because you can sort them out at short notice.

White Water Rafting

There are a number of areas where it’s possible to do white water rafting in Peru. Cusco is the most common starting point for these types of excursions. One popular activity is to go down the Urubamba River on a one or two day trip from Cusco on courses that are fine for beginners. You can also travel through a gorgeous canyon by heading onto the Apurimac River on a three-day trip which is something more extensive and challenging for people with experience.

It’s also possible to raft in the Tambopata jungle which will include the opportunity to view a variety of wildlife including capybaras, giant otters, jaguars, tapirs and a multitude of birds. For serious rafters, though, a few tour companies offer an excursion in the Cotahuasi canyon. Here you will find Class IV and V rapids in the deepest canyon in the world.

If action and adventure is your thing, you will also find multi-activity tours leaving out of Cusco that include rafting, mountain biking and trekking. Company reviews are an important part of travelling within Peru because the quality of the guides and your equipment will have a huge bearing on safety and enjoyment.

Mountain Biking

The bottom line is, Peru offers absolutely gorgeous landscapes and varied climates for your enjoyment. The only question is, how you choose to see them. If trekking just doesn’t move fast enough for you, there’s always mountain biking with lots of chances for hair raising downhill runs.

If you just want a taste of it, there are half day and single day tours around Cusco and the Sacred Valley. A two day excursion will allow you to visit the Lares hot springs where you can relax and spend the night before heading back down ancient Inca trails. You can extend this trip to include Moras, Moray and Salineras. You can even get to Machu Picchu on a bike and if you want to go the whole hog, you can also cycle your way from Cusco to Lake Titicaca. There are multiple possibilities for biking along seldom used trails as well as through remote villages where people still live as they have for years.

Huaraz and the Cordillera Blanca

Huaraz, located in the north of Peru, is the starting point for adventure trips in the Cordillera Blanca, the highest range in the Peruvian Andes. In addition to more than 30 peaks, there are hundreds of rivers, waterfalls and beautiful turquoise lakes in the National Park of Huascaran to enjoy. The vistas are truly breathtaking and different than you will find anywhere else in Peru.

This isn’t only a location for fantastic hiking, it’s also a great location for mountain climbing. It’s recommended that this only be attempted by those with experience, however, as it is quite strenuous and can cause a person to suffer from extreme altitude sickness. Mountain biking, rafting, skiing and snowboarding are also possible in this area. While you’re in the area, pay a visit to the archaeological site of Chavin de Huantar where you can learn about the ancient pre-Inca civilization.