Find Truly Unique Luxury Vacations In Peru


High end accommodations and transportation offer some of the best ways to explore luxury vacations in Peru. With several of the most exciting locations on Earth, the country can be a sublime mix of adventure and indulgence. Engaging a private guide as interpreter and scheduling your holiday with an experienced tour company will help you combine popular tourism highlights with out of the way, yet exquisite spots.

Machu Picchu, an archaeological wonder and world heritage site, may top the wish list of many who visit Peru. There are many ways to get there. Bus tours and trains are both popular. But, to experience the site at is best may include planning your journey on the Hiram Bingham Orient Express. This train contains private suits, air conditioning, fine dining and attentive service. Upon arrival, overnight stays at the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge might be scheduled The Inca ruins close by may be explored early in the day when crowds are less.

The Amazon region is another famous destination for adventurous travelers. With so much physical dexterity necessary to access the river and the interior of the rain forest, it may seem less than sensible to speak of any luxury time there. But in truth, many vessels are outfitted with high end suites and staff for leisurely cruises into the area. Along the river, the scenery is lush. Treks into the forest to see wildlife or climb to the forest canopy can easily be arranged. When day is done, returning to the cruise vessel is a welcomed indulgence.

An adventure for experienced hikers is the ancient Inca Trail. This primary route for trade and travel has been used for centuries. It is a challenging route, but tour companies can customize services along the way. Some interesting amenities include bilingual guides knowledgeable in its history or private chefs to prepare gourmet meals when hikers stop to rest. Spending memorable nights along the trail may just qualify as glamping at its ultimate.

Beautiful Lake Titicaca is one of the highest lakes in the world that is navigated on a regular basis. The amazingly blue waters are home to a culture of lake dwellers. They build homes on the top of reed islands constructed to hold their floating communities. They have done so for a thousand years or more. Cultural tourists will enjoy a day trip to the islands using the city of Puno as their base. The city boasts high end lodgings and delicious cuisine.

Colonial era architectures and delicious regional foods draw many visitors to Arequipa. Located near the base of the El Misti volcano, the city is known for its spectacular views and sunny climate. Nearby Colca Canyon is one of the deepest in the world, with beautiful scenery. Bird lovers may glimpse the condors that fly over the area.

Lima, Peru’s capital, is an extraordinary melting of modern and ancient everything. Touring museums, shopping for treasures and enjoying delicious foods are all popular pursuits. The city of nearly eight million features world class hotels and entertainment. Private guides are top quality additions for unique urban explorations throughout the city. While it is definitely a modern urban environment, many who stay for awhile discover other layers of character that represent traditional cultural events and customs. Depend upon these individuals to know the various pulses and help visitors to tap into them.

From busy city streets to ancient Inca pathways, luxury vacations in Peru offer a range of possibilities. Contact experienced tour providers to discover what they suggest. Without a doubt, there is much to offer and a decidedly unique trip filled with some of the best treats possible.

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