The Best Places for Your January 2017 Holliday


When the cold nears its peak during January, many from the Northern Hemisphere wish to escape that extreme weather and take refuge in the cities of the Southern Hemisphere or the Tropics. Thankfully, there are many options to choose from, a few of which are mentioned in this article.

However, it should be added here that the prices at most places mentioned here are at their peak during the first week of January, as people from many parts of the country are not working. During the 2nd week after the New Year, you can find hotels with the usual high season prices, but certain hotels at some of these places are available at surprisingly low prices.

The Caribbean

January is undoubtedly the busiest part of the season for the Caribbean. Prices are comparatively high, yet you may find some inexpensive options, depending on where you look for.

Of late, people seem to prefer all-inclusive hotels. However, these are mostly concentrated in a couple of places only. You can look for these particularly in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, though you may find still cheaper ones in the south of Cancun and the Mexican coast. Of course, you can save a considerable amount of money by staying in any all-inclusive resort when you are not keen to explore the whole island.

Cancun- Mexico

Cancun in January may have little rain, unlike the rest of the Caribbean. But the rain is not much of inconvenience, considering that it lasts for just about one hour. If you prefer to avoid rain and enjoy better weather, look for some resorts on the Pacific coast.

The only way to find hotels offering attractive deals is to do some research and find packages including the airfare, and book one at the earliest. It is not to say that if you make up plans at the last moment, you won’t get any accommodation in Cancun. You can still find some hotels for sure, but you may be asked to pay very high rate for a shoddy room.

Montego Bay -Jamaica

The whole of the Caribbean is expensive and heavily booked during the beginning of January. You must book at the earliest if you want to go there during early January. Montego Bay is still affordable during the rest of its high season, extending ’till April. At that time of the year, the weather is nearly perfect, allowing you to indulge in various activities, including water sports, should you not be interested in simply relaxing.

You may know that the Caribbean has one of the busiest and largest airports at Montego Bay, and offers many direct flights from various destinations. Moreover, compared to other smaller islands, the flights to Montego Bay are cheaper generally. You may find it difficult to locate very low-priced, all-inclusive packages of the kind you can expect in the Dominican Republic, yet there are a number of all-inclusive packages that offer a good value for your money.

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