Planning Bird Watching Holiday In South America


Many bird lovers prefer South American bird watching holiday in order to suffice their urge to see new bird species that exists in the world. It is ofcourse a preferable destination where a lot of birding opportunities are available in this continent. Many people often get confused in making a selection for their bird watching vacation among all the possible options in South America. If you are among those who are unable to take a decision, you can take a look at the various bird watching destinations in South America for your holiday trip. These are:

  1. Colombia:With a record of around 1,800 species, this birding destination has a lot to offer to vacationers. There are little security concerns that can create hindrance in your trip but proper provision from reliable tour operators can solve the problem. You can take assistance from a well-known operator to make possible arrangements for bird watching tours in Colombia.
  2. Peru:Considered as one of the best destinations for bird watching areas, it has a record of the maximum number of bird species to be spotted in a single day. From smallest flying bird to the world’s largest flying bird, bird watchers can experience all in Peru and they will go back with a life-time experience. You can take help of tour operators to make your Bird watching tours to Peru comfortable and pleasurable.
  3. Ecuador:It boasts more than 1,600 bird species in the region with the pleasure of living in eco-friendly bird lodges. You can plan a trip to Quito, the capital city of Ecuador to experience exotic range of bird species.
  4. Cuyabeno National Park:One of the largest wildlife reserves in Ecuador, it is a home to more than 500 bird species. Along with that, vacationers will experience a diverse range of aquatic wild life and species of monkeys.

Other countries like Bolivia, Guyana, Argentina, Antisana etc. are not included in the above list but are also well-known for birding opportunities. You can take the help of travel operators who can provide proper information to meet your expectations from bird watching tour. Almost all the countries in South America have great birding opportunities but your preference and interest area will make all the difference.

Once your destination is decided, you simply have to apply for your vacation, pack your bags and rest of the arrangements will be handled by reliable tour operators. Get in touch with them to make the best custom-made trip for your family and friends.

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