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European Vacations to Ancient Greece

During your European vacations, look back at the past with a tour to ancient Greece. At the heart of Athens is a massive structure called Hadrians Arch which spans an ancient road leading to the Acropolis and a complex of structures on the eastern side of the city. This complex included the Temple of Olympian Zeus, said to have been built to celebrate the arrival of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, to honor him for his many significant contributions to the city. Continue your journey through the fertile plains of Boeotia and drive to Delphi. The center of the ancient world, it is located along the slopes of the imposing Mount Parnassus. Here you will be able to view the ruins of the Sanctuary of Apollo Pythios and the Temple of Apollo. Visit the Treasury of the Athenians, and imagine the wealth of that time. Don’t forget to stop by the museum where you can admire ancient Greek masterpieces including the world famous bronze Charioteer.

Enjoy a Barcelona Feast on European Vacations

European vacations to Barcelona are always a blast!The Festes de la Merce arrives in town in September. Through the years, this intimate religious parade has evolved into a weeklong party celebrating Catalan culture. Enjoy entertaining performances and exhibitions, free concerts by local musicians and hip hop artists, dazzling fireworks displays on the shore, and breathtaking air shows on the beachfront. There are many activities tailored to various age groups, so kids won’t be left out. A Barcelona fiesta is not complete without a taste of local cooking. For a delectable selection of Catalan classics, head to Cinc Sentits. Bestsellers include lamb cutlets with porcini dust, the Catalan float coca bread with foie gras, suckling pig with apple compote, and slow-braised pork belly on gingerbread. If your heart can take it, why not order all four dishes!Just make sure you still have room for the maple quesada, apple sorbet or a cheese plate to be paired with their fine wines.

Sightseeing in Berlin on European Vacations

Berlin is a great place to start your European vacations. The most famous landmark of the city is the Berlin Wall, a partition between East and West that was torn down in 1989, paving the way for a new era for Germany. Commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall by strolling down its remnants on the southern border of Wedding. At the Gedenksttte Berliner Mauer site there is a restored segment that’s located next to a documentation center where stories of people who have attempted to cross the wall are detailed. Many visitors go to the former border crossing of the Sandkrugbrcke and lay flowers on a stone that commemorates the first person to be shot dead while fleeing the East. For a more comprehensive history of the Wall, head over to the Haus am Checkpoint Charlie, where there is a museum you can visit. The best place for afternoon kaffee und kuchen, a popular Berlin tradition for coffee and cake, is the picturesque Prenzlauer Berg district of Mitte.

Authentic Scandinavian Cuisine on Copenhagen European Vacations

Food is an important part of European vacations, and Copenhagen offers visitors an authentic Scandinavian experience. Chow down some fish dumplings and pickled herring — local delicacies that have become a huge part of the history and culture of Denmark. Surrounded by water, it comes as no surprise that fresh seafood is plentiful and featured prominently on Danish menus. Order the smrrebrd for lunch — probably the most famous Danish food item. The smrrebrd is an open-faced sandwich which uses dark rye bread and is usually topped with roast beef or pork, eel, venison, smoked salmon, or liver pt. Copenhagen’s gastronomical offerings are ideal for budget travelers. On the roadside, vendors by the dozen sell fried sausages, and as well the citys local Carlsberg beer brewed in the area since 1847. If you are adventurous enough, taste the aquavit, a very strong, caraway-scented brandy. Looking for upscale dining spots for special occasions and events?Copenhagen has 13 Michelin-rated restaurants as of 2009, the most in Denmark.

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