Cycling Holiday: So Many Great Reasons to Make This Choice


People who enjoy cycling will naturally cite “being on a bicycle” as the best reason for taking a cycling holiday. Any opportunity to be on two wheels, in the open air, is reason enough. It might even be tempting to just leave the discussion at this point, simply because you probably don’t need another excuse to choose this type of holiday.

But, on the chance that someone is sceptical, you might want to be prepared with a few other great responses when someone asks why you choose to see the UK and Europe by bicycle. For example, if you meet someone you is sceptical of the advantages of a cycling holiday you might tell them you make this decision because it’s an affordable alternative to driving, flying, or taking the train.

No Fuel Costs

When you arrange online cycle holidays in the UK you have a chance to eliminate the cost of petrol, for using your own vehicle or that of a provider. In addition, you’ll enjoy sights and sounds away from the so-called “hotspots” so you can plan on spending a bit less in this way as well. In addition, you will be visiting locations that are off the beaten path (if you so choose), which means you’ll enjoy some of the best countryside views in the world.

If someone asks about “missing the excitement” of popular tourist locations, you might respond by noting how pleasant it is to interact with friendly local residents in small villages and rural areas in the UK. You’ll cross paths with some remarkable individuals in small pubs and restaurants that most driving tourists miss altogether. Nothing makes a holiday more enjoyable than being made to feel you are right at home, even if you are far from your own home.


Have you ever returned from a holiday and feel that you were underwhelmed? This is not likely if you choose to travel by cycling routes and scenic trails. Every cycling holiday can be truly unique, with difficulty levels ranging from easy travel to challenging. Seeing the natural diversity of the UK on a cycling holiday will make you wonder why you didn’t make this choice before.

If you need even more reasons to cycle through an area of the UK, you might also consider that this is a great family activity, one in which people of all ages can participate. Make your arrangements with one of the leading providers of cycling holidays and let them know there will be a range of ages involved. They’ll be able to help you plan the perfect trip for your family or group. Not only will the terrain be suitable, but the stops and activities can be arranged as age-appropriate as well.

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