Hiring a First-class Private Car Service


If you are thinking about hiring a private car service to collect you from the airport or bring you to a seaport destination, here are some things you must consider before calling a company.

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One of the biggest complaint’s clients have about service companies is transparency, they get hit with extra costs they never knew existed. If you’ve never used a private car service and you are dealing with a company for the first time, ask for an explanation of their fees. Some companies offer competitive rates on the best seaport transfers in Plymouth and around the UK.


You want to be sure that the individual who is operating your vehicle has all the suitable qualifications to do so. When you speak to a company representative, find out about the driver who will be collecting you or dropping you off at your destination. Ask a variety of questions to find out more information about the chauffeur.

  • Do they have extensive driving experience?
  • Have they acquired a full-driving licence?
  • Have they completed any advanced driver training?
  • How long have they worked for the company?


Find out about the range of vehicles on offer, this will help you decide which is the best company for

you. One of the main reasons people hire private car services is to make the journey less stressful, so you’ll need a vehicle which offers increased comfort.

You’re not just looking for a quick ride to the airport, a private car service must ensure they deliver comfort, affordable rates and first-class drivers.

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